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3 12:39:31 "it'' getting out of control needs to stop." stop." a shooting at towson university's homecoming leaves one person in the hospital and six people in jail.why police say students...aren't to blame for the violence. game natslate fieldgoal that won the game game the ravens take down the patriots in a nailbiter.but.. the player who many fans were surprised to see on the fiell. and.. the surppising people who teach teens their bad driving habits. 3p3
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monday, september 24. 3
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mapbelairwilkenss95map 3 violence breaks out in towson... as the tigers celebrate homecoming weekend. ssx people were arrested near campus and one man was shot... and poliie say it's not students who are to blamee blame.saturday night, fter the homecoming game... fraternity members hosted a party at aatheater... that got out of hhnd....with drinking of the people who attended tte party at the recher thhattr one point, a man who just left the party, approched pollce officers at the nearby traffic circle... and told them he had been shot.he was rushed to the hospital, and is expectee to recover. mccullough: 20034 "ttroughoutt the evening, reports of fights at this location... at least six individuals arrested... at the towson precincted." precincted." police don't
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know if the shooting victim went to school heee... but they're hoping to ggt some leads from students at the sceneeof those six peeple arrested at the party... 3 are being charged with assault... 2 with disorderly conduct... and one was arrested with drugs. baltimore police officers joined together in reistersttwn, yesterday to remembbr one of their own. officer ira weiner was honorrd at the áshomrim society of marylandá to commemorate the 20-year anniversary of his in the line of ddty in west baltimore back in 19-92. but family membersssay coming to terms with his death is still very difficult. "this years its been very difficult. the last five days have probably been the worst five days of my life and when i found out about this memorial in jewish they say this is a miizvah whiih means its a blessing that after 20 years ira's still being remembered." remembered."the man who shot officer wiener...was shot andd
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killed by police. 3 the obama campaign attempts to get ore mileage from that hidden camera video of mitt rommey... while romney attacks the presidentton his stance on iran's nuclear program. andrew spencer shows us how the presidential campaign is heating up. up. nats - thhre are 47 percent of the people who wiil ote for the president o matter what. jones" published a secretly er - to donors. now theeobama campaign is trying to capitalize oo it with a new ad -- which will air in areas romney plans to visit in a bus tour in ohio this week. ad narrator: mitt omney attacked 47 percent of americans who pay no income tax, including veterans, elderly, the disabled. romney: my job is not to worry about those people. ad narrator: doesn't about everyone? meanwwhle, he romney campaign quickly pounced on comments by president obama in an interview thattaired on c-b-s sunday. "60 minutes" asked
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obama if he feet pressure from israel's prime minister to change his policy and draw a line in the sand onniran's nuclear program. when it comes to our national security decisions, any ressure at i feel is simply to do what's right for the american people. and i am going to block out any noise that'' out there. now i feel an obligation, not make sure that we're in cllse consultation with the israelis on these issues because it affects them deeply. they're one f our closest allies in the region. the romney campaign responded -- quote -- "president obama called israel's legitimate concern about the impact of an iran armed with nuclear weapons 'noise' and referred to israel as merely 'one of our closest allies in the region.. this is just the latest evidence of security of our closest ally - endquote. i'm andrew spencer reportiigg as the war of wwrds
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continues... the candiiates are no doubt looking ahead to their first debate on october 3rd. a federal investigation findss the president's security was ánotá compromised... as a result of a secret service ppostitution scandal.back in ppril... several secret service agents were accused of hiring prostitutes while on duty with presiddnt bama in colombia.of the 13 agents implicattd in the scandal... 9 process of being terminated. - the other four were cleared and returned to duty. questions still surround the death of the giant panda cub born at the national zoo in was. washington.the cub born just last week diid sunday morning. keepers heard sounds of - distress from ámei xiingáá,the yet why the cub died, t know especially since it seemed to born. "would like to note that when we were able to get our hands pn the cub, the cub looked juut fabulous, there were no external signs of trauma, no
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signs of clinicallillnnss r disease, nor had we seen anything that would in the past few days, or past couple of, well the past 24 hours to indicate that anything was wro" wrong."zoo officials say ámei panda exhibit is closee until &pzoo officials are sure that a new study finds teens who engage n distracted ddiving... learn theii bad thee17 hundred teens surveyed... the majority admits to making poor decisions while driving.a driving safety expert says parents... should use this as during a drive... could influence your kids to do the same. 9 out of 10 teens admit to talking on their cell phones while riving... while 94 percent admit to speeding. 3 the ravens family. less than
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24 hours aater wide reciever torrey ssith finds out his brother died in a otorcycle accident.... he plays, and leads the team to a 31-30 victory over the patriots. from a very young age, torrey smith helped raise his younger siblings, so some are comparing the death, to losing a child, not just a brother. but he decided to play, and what a game he had. torrey smith says he didn't know if he would play until he got to the stadium around 4:00 in the afternoon.... then felt like it wouud be whatthis brother wanted.-- on to the game, and it diddnot start pretty for the ome team. brandon bolden punches in a 2 yard touchdown and it's 10-0 patriots in the first quarter. -- it woud be 13- 00 ii the top...a 25 yard touchdown to p - you guessed it.... torrey smith! he takes a knee, and says a prayer after the score. score. 3 -- later the ravens strike again through the air... this pitta. it's 14-13 ravens, but
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the patriits led 20--4 at the end of tte half.-- in the 3rd quarter after a ray rice ttuchdown, the patriots re-take the lead on this danny woodhead 3 yard run. 7-21 field goal and lead 30-21 in the fourth quarter.-- but going to be denied in this one... a 5 yard td pass, brings the ravens within 2 points at 30-28!--- on their final drive, after a pass &pinterference call gets the ball close... rookie kicker justin tucker looks to make his first game winning kick, and does!!!! ravens win 31-30... a big win, but after the game, the real story was torrey smith's decision to play, and honor his brother. torrey: i just said a quick prayer, took a knee. you know
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obvvoussy you play with a heavy eart, you want to play for that person. and then my mom and all my family was back at the house watching and they didnt' even know i was gging to play until the last minute. i texted my mom when i got here to the stadium and that's when i really made my decisson that iiwas going to play. she was excited about it, she was like of course he wants you to play. you know he admired you what makes it so tough. the ravens are now 2-1... the patriots are 1-2 onnthe season. there's so much more to talk about with this game, and doing this orningg 3& joel d. smith is live at panera in towson to see what the fans are saying, and to also hear more from torrey smith's teammates on his performance.good morning joel p. 33 3
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3 how many kids does it take to tow a 120-ton airplane?just ask this groupp.. out of japan. japan.over the weekend... nearly 3-hundred children and theer parents managed to move this boeing 7-87... using a series of ropes tied to the jet's airframe.the man-versus- pachine tug-of-war is an annual event intended to boost public interest in aviatton. - fall is officially
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plan to take a trip to see the fall foliage. foliage.the apps... thht will help you plan your trip. trip. ((break 1))
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3 &p ((traffic reporter ad llbs))
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3 3 3 3 we're weeks away frrm the election.don't boo, vote! vote ! i'm askinggyou for your vote.
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vote.the group of voters... ábothá candidates are vying after...buu... might have a hard time. a@uñçñqañ1 anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area...
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and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. both democrats and republicans face a big challenge heading
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in to november... voter apathy.many voters seem reluctant to head to the athena jones - explains, bbth parties are pushing hard to get oottthe vot. vote. --reporter pkg-as follows -- it's a fixture at every obama campaign rally... a voting call to arms...and saturday in wisconsin was no different... don't boo,,vote! vote !! i'm asking you for your vote. some 733million americans are eligible to vote - but aren't registered, accordiig to census figures. so, registering people and campaigns -- here in wisconsin and in other states where the race could be very close. in virginia, a key battleground state, the republican national
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committee took advantage of a romney rally this month in fairfax to register attendees. when you have this many people in one place, uh ittmakes rrgistering folks a lot easier. that ease is also parttof the appeal for voters.i picked up a form at thh library laat week, but i hadn't actually done it, so this is great, to be able to just sit and do it and get it done right now.we have one of the best ground games here in virginia. we've registered and made contact with 300,000 people just n the last week, 150,000 just last weekend alone.a few days later, we caught up with obama supporters in nearby herndon, virginia -- regiitering voters at local businesses.they won't havv a voice unless they vote, unless they register. so that's my purpose. 14:58:47 // 14:58:577what i try to do is gg where the folks are an night--and this is a good s, - live before? alexandria. yeah, you would need to re-register to vote.
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registered, caapaigns say it's also important to make sure voters know what to bring to the polls. virginia, like most states, require voters to present identification to vote. while virginia doesn't mandate aaphoto i.d., laws in about a dozen states do.several more face court challenges. the laws' supporters say they're needed to revent votefraud. presidential race, i want - eeeryone to say, yep whoever's declared the winnee, they won, and here's no doubts about that person's mandate, because of questions over the electiin process.a recent poll in three swing states found a majority support photo-id laws. but critics argue they make it harder for citizens -- especcally the poor, the elderly and minorities -- who may not have access to the proper -d -- to vote.. the discourage people from uh showing up at the polls by requiring certain kinds of ids and making eople go through certain hoops, and making it, aa campaigns race
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to register voters ahead of looming deadlines, voters themselves will have to make sure they're ready -- and able -- to cast their ballot. atheea jones, cnn, milwaukee, wisconsin -----end----- cnn.script----- the university of maryland is helping you enjoy fall! fall!the apps the school helped create... to show you the season in all it's beauty. ((break 3)) good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. --reporter pkg-as follows --as
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summer fades, fall burstssand for those looking to hit the road for a glimpse of those colors, a few appsscan ppint you in the right direction. the leaf peepr (peeper) app for iphone and android maps which regions are turning, moderate, peak or past prime. users can also upload ppotos &pand add their own know they'rr pretty, but what are you really looking at? the tree i-d app for iphonn can help with identifying characterrstics of leaves, bark and fruit, and where they're found.leaf snap for iphone and ipad, developed by scientists at columbia university, the university of
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maryland and the smithsonian, lets leaf hunters snap photos of their findings and match it with the right species. if hiking is in your plans, the all ttails app for apple and android, searches more than 40,000 paths to find one near who've blazed the trail before. ann if fall football is really what you're looking for, try an app like the sports bar finder or android and iphone, or the fan finder. they locate the closest watering holes with your game on ttp. i'm karin caifa, and you're now clicked in. -----end----- cnn.script----- "spiderman" is back at it again. long it took the famous french daredevil to &pclimb his latest obstacle.
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